Form and meaning

Green doorI’ve passed by this building hundreds of times through the years. Every time I cast admiring glances at the old wood work, I inhale the sweet smell of old wood, and I watch while the walls slowly melt. The atmosphere triggers feelings of melancholy and images of times that have been. I’ve taken lots of pictures of the wall with the green door. I’ve stood facing several walls, looking up, trying to capture a little bit of this special atmosphere that surrounds the old wooden hall. This summer this beautiful old storage was all of a sudden wrapped in red and white tape with police vehicles guarding every corner. A young girl disappeared in Oslo this summer, she was later found murdered. They found the suspect’s lair in this warehouse. I have lots of pictures of these dark walls. They were all taken long before the crime took place. I like several of the photos.

Before this building became known as a part of this murder case I was asked by several people if they could have some of the pictures of this specific building. There’s something about the dark walls, the pale green door and the pigeons peaking at you from the black, empty windows and cracks in the walls. After discovering that the building is in some way connected to the tragic death of a young girl, some thoughts occur. Does knowing that the depicted object later may have housed a murderer make a picture less appealing? Does an object loose its beauty if it has been in contact with something evil? Will the association to the murder case stick to the building until it collapses?

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