My Oslo: Urban hike

A while back I decided to take photos out of my blog on knitting and handcrafts, and May 27th I posted my first picture here. I did some research and decided to do a picture a day and that’s how I discovered postaday. I can’t always bring my good camera gear along, but I always ¬†have a camera at hand. My husband says walking with me now is like walking a dog, suddenly wandering off, crouching down in the bushes, climbing half way up a hill, always checking out some interesting sight or new angle. So after bringing a camera along every day for three months now, my computer is filling up with photos and I’m totally hooked.¬† That’s probably why I found my self looking through hundreds of pictures this evening, discovering that I’ve got some reoccurring topics. I bring my camera along everywhere I go, and since I live in Oslo I’ve got lots of pictures of Oslo. So here’s the beginning a series of posts I called “My Oslo” where I plan to post different themes. I get around by hiking, so I guess a suitable topic to start off with could be today’s “Urban hike”.