2012/11/28 Oslo

On the one hand I’m kind of annoyed by the person who decided to break into our store  room in the basement. There really was nothing of value there, too bad they broke the door in half. They might have taken some old tools, I hope they enjoy them. On the other hand I’m happy I got this picture of another pair of beautiful mittens. They are knit by the mitten-owner’s grandmother.




2012/11/26 Oslo

Winter took the reins yesterday. It didn’t snow before today, though. The world was still bleak with orange and brown stains, and yet I could tell that winter was in control. The air had changed. The temperature was the same as the day before, but the cold was colder. The world is dark when I leave for work and the world is dark when I return. It’s hard to find pretty pieces of life to depict for this blog since the world is mostly covered in darkness. However, a beautiful part of Norwegian folk tradition is the art of knitting and a wonderful side to the winter cold is wearing wool. I love wool. People wear these beautiful pieces of folk art all winter. So when the world is ever so dark, I still have something to focus my lens on until something else catches my eye – mittens!