Lost in the garden

You never wait for anything, my husband usually tells me. If I am waiting for him to finish something, I’ll start on something else. Then he’ll end up waiting for me to finish whatever I began. This morning I was waiting for our much-cherished espresso machine to warm up, and since I don’t wait, I started watering the indoor plants. I had some fertilised water left and wandered into the garden to find a place to empty the can. The garden is so beautiful after rain and all the rhododendron bushes are blooming, so I dumped the can in the rhubarb plant and ran in to get my camera. And there I was, standing in the wet grass in my PJs with my husband’s Toms on my feet, looking at the flowers and the snails and the bright green leaves and a heavy bumble bee, completely forgetting that the espresso machine was now waiting for me.