Winter flight

It was January and the sun was just returning to Kirkenes with its -30° Celcius. The flight went from Kirkenes to Oslo where it was not much warmer.

This is an experiment, my first attempt to combine pictures with audio. I asked my husband, a professional musician, to make some music to accompany my series of pictures. He made this especially for this project. To check out more of his stuff, see



Happiness is to eat tomatoes right off the vine. If this was a contest, Matina won. Here is Matina is to the right and Norderås bush tomato to the left. Matina was the first of seven varieties to ripen, and this is the third Matina I’m enjoying. Norderås was second runner up, this being the first ripe one harvested. Now I’m hoping for some more sun, so maybe yellow submarine and black cherry will show me their true colors too.