Weekly photo challenge: Color


We went for a walk last night at dusk. The gray concrete walls got darker as the light went dim. While the world was going dark, we discovered the toys that had fallen down from the kindergarten playground on top of the gray concrete cube. They made a great contrast to their surroundings. The picture is taken with an iPhone camera in dim light.

12 hours, 12 pictures, 28 kilometers

The 25th of August I participated in Oslo Photo Marathon. 140 people started the marathon at 11 am this beautiful Saturday in Oslo. 130 made it to the finish line. During the day the participants would receive 12 assignments in a given order, three assignments at a time. The participants would pass check points at a given time where they would receive the next three assignments. At the end of the day, the final delivery would have to be handed in by 11 pm. And by this time the participants would have to delete all the pictures they weren’t handing in, so all they would have left on the memory card was 12 pictures. The pictures had to be delivered in the same order as the assignments were given, and the pictures were not to be altered after they were taken.

So, I put on my good shoes and headed to the starting point full of anticipation and excitement.

The assignments were soft, green, near, light, border, portrait of a stranger, red, round, triangle, tight, wet, darkness.

I walked 28 kilometers (17,5 miles) that day. I learned a lot. I have 12 pictures to show for it. Some I like, some I don’t. I wanted to finish, so I handed them in anyway. Taking the pictures in the given order was really challenging, not to mention choosing and deleting! At least I’ve got some ideas for next time, and I’m looking forward to next time round. What a great way to burn energy!