My post a day

Less talking, more pictures is my motto. Despite this I’d like to write a few words today. I have four rules for the category I’ve got called “A picture a day” and today I’d like to share them.

1. I have to take at least one picture every day. So, even if I don’t have anything exciting going on in my life I still have to find a motif within my life and reach.

2. I have to chose a picture that can stand on its own. Sometimes the picture gets some words anyways, just because I’ve got something to say.

3. I have to post a picture each day and the picture I post must be taken the same day. Now sometimes I travel and time zones can make time more difficult than it should be. I posted 2012/06/03 The Faeroe Islands half an hour too late, in reality the 4th of June. I’m letting it count anyway. These are my rules, after all.

4. Editing is not allowed. No cropping and adjusting color and contrast. I don’t do any editing at all. The only thing I may do is adding my name to the picture, and I often forget to do that.

Since I have to take a picture each day I have lots of pics taken on my iPhone. I prefer taking pictures on my Nikon D7000, but the reality is that I can’t always carry it around. I aim to get the pictures as good as possible on my phone even if the equipment is limiting. Sometimes I’m not quite happy with the pictures I’ve taken one day, but I still follow the rules and post a picture a day and have been doing so since the 27th of May. I’m kind of happy with the pictures I took today. It was hard to choose a favorite. Here are some from of the pictures from the series.

The first picture had a tiny little bug hanging under the bright green leave in the upper left corner. I kind of liked that. It made the difference between something picture perfect and something real. The second is the one I chose for the post 2012/06/22 Oslo. I find the picture balanced and clean. The third has got a lot more going on. There are a couple of flowers, a bud and more leaves.

Did I chose the right picture?